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Cincinnati Playwrights Initiative Presents: Not Our Town

Cincinnati Playwrights Initiative Presents: Not Our Town

“…compelling…nuanced…real theater…” - Neil Genzlinger, The New York Times

David Greenberg has had works performed, published and celebrated across three genres. While maintaining his primary profession as a full-time farmer and eccentric in Paoli, IN, Greenberg has also created a substantial body of work in the form of plays, novels and songs. The craft he has cultivated the longest – songwriting – led to the release of a widely praised 2012 album, “The End of the World: David Greenberg and Harpeth Rising”. The album landed on multiple ‘best of’ 2012 lists, and Greenberg was deemed “one of the greatest lyricists alive on the planet today” by Jason D. Hamad of the No Surf Review.  In 2008, his play “A Kite Cut Loose in the Middle of the Sky” was produced Off-Broadway in New York City and ran for three weeks to a packed house and acclaim from audiences and critics alike.

Not Our Town is a kind of reflective response in modern terms to Thorton Wilder’s pulitzer prize winning Our Town, which described a period of time in the fictitious Grovers Corners, New Hampshire in 1901. Not Our Town depicts a period of time in Provost, Indiana about 110 years later. Daily Life; Love and Marriage; Death are the general themes of both plays with Not Our Town exfoliating the thin surface of modern life to reveal the decay and destruction the contemporary world has wrought. This is Greenberg’s second play to be given a dramatic reading by CPI; His first piece, By the Rivers of Babylon went on to a production in Hawaii as a part of the Aloha Performing Arts Company 2014 Original Play Festival. 

Written by David Greenberg, Not Our Town will take place on Tuesday, November 11th, 2014 at 7:30 p.m. at The Aronoff Center for the Arts (640 Walnut. Street, Cincinnati, Oh 45202). Tickets are $8 and can be purchased by calling (513) 621-2787 or by email at For interviews with the author, contact Jordana Salada at (812) 320-1541 or



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