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Greenberg's Play to be performed in Cincinnati

David Greenberg's moving new play, By The Rivers of Babylon will be performed in Cincinnati on November 12th, 2013. 


Destroyed in the name of progress . . . In the 1960s, using Eminent Domain and eviction practices that today might be deemed ethnic cleansing; the federal government eradicated an Appalachian culture between the Tennessee and Cumberland Rivers that had thrived for two centuries. By The Rivers of Babylon tells the story of how the Tennessee Valley Authority strong-armed many of the area’s residents into selling or abandoning their land and their homes in order to form a government recreation area known as “The Land Between the Lakes.” Cincinnati Playwrights Initiative is a grass roots organization of playwrights, directors and actors devoted to bringing new plays written by local playwrights to the Cincinnati stage in the form of staged readings and fully staged productions.


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