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Compelling...nuanced...real theater
— Neil Genzlinger, The New York Times
At times his dialogue lifts into the ethos of epic poetry...
— Chris Stewart, Cincinnati Playwrights Initiative

David Greenberg






2013: By The Rivers of Babylon, Cincinnati, Ohio

2010: Bad Seed, Chicago, Illinois

2008: A Kite Cut Loose in the Middle of the Sky, New York, New York

Other plays:

Not Our Town: A modern take on Thorton Wilder's play, Our Town 

Clear as Clear: A one-act play about five cowboys stuck in a line cabin waiting out  storm at the turn of the nineteenth century.

Face to Face: A Jewish anti-semite discovers his father was a collaborator in Auschwitz

God's Little Helper: A woman with Cancer chooses faith healing over modern medicine. 

Happily Ever After: A group of women in a shelter battle stalkers and themselves



David Greenberg has had works performed, published and celebrated across three genres. While maintaining his primary profession as a full-time farmer and eccentric in Paoli, IN, Greenberg has also created a substantial body of work in the form of plays, novels and songs. The craft he has cultivated the longest – songwriting – led to the release of a widely praised 2012 album, “The End of the World: David Greenberg and Harpeth Rising”. The album landed on multiple ‘best of’ 2012 lists, and Greenberg was deemed “one of the greatest lyricists alive on the planet today” by Jason D. Hamad of the No Surf Review.  In 2008, his play “A Kite Cut Loose in the Middle of the Sky” was produced Off-Broadway in New York City and ran for three weeks to a packed house and acclaim from audiences and critics alike.

In 2013, Greenberg's play "By The Rivers of Babylon" premiered at the Aronoff Center for the Arts in Cincinnati. The performance received a spontaneous standing ovation from a packed house, and director Chris Stewart wrote "...his dialogue lifts into the ethos of epic poetry...What David Greenberg has created is a meditation on America’s relationship with its landscape, how the land unites or divides the people living on it, and how a people can feel either great or small depending on their government’s whim." Kalman Kikovich, director of Cincinnati Playwrights New Voices Initative wrote: "The committee is unanimous in its appreciation of the importance, sensitivity, and humanity of By the Rivers of Babylon. Bravo!"

Greenberg's stories weave elements of modern society into dramatic, moving works. There is relevance to everything he creates, be it the subtle suggestion that we allow our lives to be dictated by social expectations or the blatant reminder that humanity is entirely separate from physical ability. His characters are so vivid that we see them in everyone around us, including ourselves. Greenberg also has a sharp wit and sees humor in even the darkest of situations. He often incorporates moments of levity when the audience is least expecting it. The combination of beautiful language, compelling stories and comedic timing is what makes David Greenberg one of the most important playwrights working today. 

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