The Sparrow Agency

Original Music, Original Musicians

We are a booking agency and radio promotion company working with Roots, Americana, Folk, and Classical Artists as well as distinguished Playwrights and Novelists.

We are a booking agency and radio promotion company specializing in Americana, Folk, Bluegrass, Roots and Classical music. Our clients range from singer-songwriters to string quartets, and we aim to book our musicians both within their genre circuit and help them to break into others. We create specific targeted booking plans for each artist, maximizing their coverage and their potential audience. Through creative thinking and hard work, our goal is to bring our clients' music to as many ears as we can reach. 

 We aim to be as "green" as possible at The Sparrow Agency! Therefore, we don't bulk mail rosters, and we only send physical press kits upon request. All of the information about our artists can be found online, and we hope you'll join us in reducing the use of paper products!



Who We Are 

David Salada, co-founder of The Sparrow Agency, has the uncanny ability to remember lyrics to songs he's never even heard. He has helped out scores of songwriters who forget the lyrics to their own songs. Ironically, he can't reproduce the melody of anything, including Mary Had a Little Lamb. David is a former board-certified behavioral analyst, and is therefore uniquely qualified to work with musicians. 

Scarlet Salada, co-founder of The Sparrow Agency, is a Vietnamese pot-bellied pig. 






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